Tuesday 05 May, 2015

Tesla Powerwall Home Battery:


Tesla has officially released its latest innovation, the Tesla Powerwall Home Battery. Mr Musk made the unveiling  from Southern California in the Tesla’s design studios. More information can be found here at teslamotors.com: “Powerwall is a home battery that charges using electricity generated from solar panels, or when utility rates are low, and powers your home in […]

Monday 04 May, 2015

KATSU Tags Kendall Jenner!


The Jenner family has had it rough of late and it seems people still have things to say, or in this case write. Graf writer KATSU has decided to tag a billboard on the corner of East Houston Street and Lafayette featuring Kendall Jenner, using of all things a robot drone.  The drone drew lines […]


Billionaire Boys Club have partnered with Feature to the “Fight Of The Century” tees to celebrate tonight’s fight between Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather. Emblazoned with the famous BBC’s astronaut mascot on front in a fighting stance, the back carries the “Welcome to Las Vegas.” get them in black and white designs, on the online store, but […]


Wheel-designer Vossen has decided to uplift our dreary London Thursday by placing some of their beautiful wheels on a Lamborghini Huracán and McLaren 650S. In collabo with Rich Caliente the stunning cars owners are Lou La Vie for the Lamborghini and Tennessee titans star Michael Griffen for the McLaren. Caliente and his team have done a beautiful […]

Wednesday 29 April, 2015

MR PORTER launches Athletic E-Store


Modern megabrand MR PORTER has decided to launch a luxury athletic e-store division. With the current upswing in the desire for sportswear and even custom clothing this makes this a smart move. The store will feature a large choice for all sports from running, cycling and even sailing. The line will be functional also and not […]


Global superstar Pharrell Williams has been captured in some stunning portraits with famed Photographer Nicholas Maggio for the Adidas Originals brand. The portraits feature the ‘Happy’ hitmaker in different guises but still carries that Pharrell-esque edge to them. His previous ‘i am OTHER’ collaboration with the Uniqlo label is still around and this is a […]


There has been recent trend for car manufacturers to go heavily into the social media game and Porsche join this array with this latest video on the making of the Porsche 918 Spyder. Looking through aerial and ground level views you get to appreciate the top level of workmanship and dedication involved to create that quality, […]

Saturday 25 April, 2015

The Chevrolet-FNR Concept car


GM have decided to show off its new Chevrolet-FNR concept car at the 2015 Auto Shanghai Show in Asia. This beauty piece of engineering has a sleek capsule-like design, a wireless auto-charge system and wing doors.  Yes (as is becoming common) it does have a self-driving option, a mounted radar and recognition start system. When in the […]


Bloody hell its taken long enough?! Showtime FINALLY released the first of a four-part mini-doc following Floyd Mayweather, Jr. in his preparation for teh biggest fight in decades against contender Manny Pacquaio. This first episode focusses on Floyd, showing  his life before the fortunes came. They also look at his relation with his rival’s promoter Bob Arum […]