Tuesday 16 July, 2013

That dirty “B” word

Tahmina Begum Maximalistmina.com Since recently there has been a fashion uprising as people in the fashion industry, or people out of the fashion industry didn’t know what to do with those people. They have been treated as amateurs as it was highlighted by Susie Menkes in her infamous article for the NYTimes.com against bloggers and […]

Sunday 14 July, 2013

STOP! Grammar Time.

Georgina Atherton/Tha-One Article Writer The age of technology is well and truly upon us and while some people might say that it is providing countless opportunities and making the world a more educated and intelligent place, I would beg to differ. The use of ‘text talk’ and slang is dumbing down the universe bit by […]

Google Nexus 7 (current gen)

By Sadruddin Junejo / Tha-One.Newness writer Surprise, surprise: If you needed any further proof that the portable technology industry is extremely fickle, rumours are abound of a new Google Nexus 7, set to hit shores within the next few weeks. According to rumour churner Digitimes, the ‘sequel’ to arguably the most popular Android tablet to […]

Friday 12 July, 2013

Tha-Artist Spotlight: Ben Caplan

Hannah Jelliman/Tha-One Music Writer Here’s one for all you folky fans out there, Canadian folk artist Ben Caplan (also often referred to with his band name ‘Ben Caplan and the Casual Smokers‘). His website (http://bencaplan.ca/) states that “Ben Caplan is to folklore, what smoke is to bourbon. Perfectly coupled” and I couldn’t agree more, he […]

Georgina Atherton/Tha-One Review Writer We all hate that daunting moment when the Barbie-like attendant on the beauty counter at Debenhams prances over and asks you what your daily skincare routine is. Out of sheer bewilderment, the standard response is probably ‘I don’t know’, met by a look of horror on her well-heeled face. Is it […]

Friday 05 July, 2013

Kitty Couture

Tahmina Begum, maximalistmina.com The more theatrical, the better I say. Especially when it comes to floaty couture. John Paul Gaultier is known for his outlandish creations since Madonna showed the world how great her breasts look in cones, (below). And he clearly hasn’t strayed away from exaggerating the hourglass on a woman’s body in his […]

Wednesday 03 July, 2013

The Rolling Stones make music history

Hannah Jelliman/ Tha-One Music Writer I wasn’t lucky enough to be at Glastonbury this year, however it’s impossible to have missed what’s been going on, and there’s one band who’ve been the prime subject of Glasto natter. Despite looking a bit prehistoric, The legendary Rolling Stones took to the famous Pyramid stage on Saturday night […]

Wednesday 03 July, 2013

ICON: Murray… Really?

Georgina Atherton/Tha-One Icon Writer We all have that one person that we cannot stand even though every man and his dog seems biologically programmed to love them. For the lucky ones, this person is that obnoxious, giggly, designer clad brat that you sat next to in chemistry and, after sixth form, never have to lay […]

by Natasha Stapleton/Tha-One Music Writer After triumphantly taking on the stage as a young band with only 2 studio albums to headline in 2007, Arctic Monkeys showed us at Glastonbury 2013 the depth of their evolution during the past 6 years. From the rather shy but cheeky spotty lead singer to an arrogant but slick […]