So new year, new crazyness. You got a spare $100 after the holiday expenses please do or do’nut’ (see what we did there) spend it on this donut? Of course its the most popular item on the Manila Social Club — a US food joint — the donut is made with a coating of solid gold […]

Kanye decided back in October last year to swing by the American Idol auditions in San Fran. Watch the video as the Chi-town hero do his version of his own hit “Gold Digger,” – peep the J-Lo line obviously too! haha  

The “What The…” brand is growing and now the Kobe X Elite get that special treatment. These kicks include an array of colours, from purples, blues, reds & yellows plus a multicoloured up’s and out’s, and a black high top. The design also has the metallic Swoosh and are for those stand-out days only. Catch them before the new […]

As mentioned yesterday here is the new Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’ full-length Trailer released on the Jimmy Kimmel Show last night. Check it out below…                                

Another blockbuster on the horizon…Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice is on its way! We had the summer trailer so here is one of those pivotal scenes. Here Ben Affleck’s Batman is chained with others when an irate Henry Cavill’s Superman arrives and rips off the famous mask. Check it out… AND THERE’S MORE… There’s […]

Wednesday 25 November, 2015

Design X Saber – Lightsabers by designers:

I like this…introducing the Design X saber. Developers Y Studios have created 6 various designs on the most quintessential iconic fighting weapon. They even sway like the ‘real’ thing! Peep the video below and check out the for a further look at the completed designs.  

So  we’ve been sitting with MMM for a few weeks now and here come the accompanying documentary to partner with it – which kinda feels the wrong way around; the standard is usually doc before release/ release/ then music videos. But we’ll let it slide because after all it is Mr S.J Combs himself. Anywho, […]

Wednesday 18 November, 2015

G-SHOCK and Burton’s Rangeman:

G-SHOCK has partnered up with Burton- the snowboarding brand for a second collaboration. In time for the winter season the watch features a snowy design across its body and band as well as a black and orange finish. It’ll be on its way very, very soon. …Time Up.  

Tuesday 17 November, 2015

Apple is the Millennials favourite brand!

Ad Agency Mooslyvania have tracked the top brands liked by the 20 and 35 years old demographic – aka Millennials.  The research asked for their thoughts spanning the last three years. It involved over three thousand people and was divided equally by sex. Over three thousand were researched and Nike was beaten by Apple for […]