By Sadruddin Junejo / Tha-One.Music writer   I realise I may be a bit late to the party, but there are two good reasons as to why this review concerns the third (and first major-label) release from Vancouver-based musician Claire Boucher, better known under the alias Grimes. For one thing, I have already reviewed three […]

Sunday 18 March, 2012

Tha-Artist Article: Tech N9ne

By Shams Albadri / Tha-One.Music writer If you know Tech N9ne, you know he don’t shy away from scaring us. As mentioned in a previous post, this slither of the hip-hop genre, with the likes of Tech N9ne, Cannibal Ox, Tyler the Creator and Earl Sweatshirt, sees the preaching of a different sound from their […]

Sunday 18 March, 2012

Coloured Jeans!

By Olivia McLeod / Tha-One.Newness Writer I hope you like skinny jeans! Here’s my pick of gorgeous coloured versions and what’s more, they’re all in a sale!

By Shams Albadri / Tha-One.Music writer “You thinking you’re my type like I was a typewriter? No.” What an odd revelation. “Time Keeps on Slipping” from the Deltron 3030 album slipped up on shuffle. I thought to myself, where is Del The Funky Homosapien? He’s right here. This blessed month of music was merely intensified with Del’s re-issued album, […]

By Natasha Coombes-Liddle / Tha-One. Icon Writer Here in Belfast I have just been biggest party in town: St Patrick’s Day. While I understand the rest of the UK don’t get this bank holiday here in Northern Ireland and The Republic of Ireland we planned the rowdiest weekend in the calendar. Silly hat, shamrocks and […]

By Sadruddin Junejo / Tha-One.Music writer   Blimey, 23 minutes long? This sounds like an album worth reviewing simply for the length of time it’ll take to review it! ….Kidding, of course, but as it is Canadian lo-fi band Hooded Fang’s second album, Tosta Mista, is quite an appreciable listen! How to describe Tosta Mista’s […]

Thursday 15 March, 2012

Tha-One.Icon: Women Who Rock!

By Natasha Coombes-Liddle / Tha-One. Icon Writer There’s only one thing better than a great front man and that’s a great front woman. Full of sass and confidence these women quite literally rock both on stage and in life. Starting out with the women who opened up the stage for all incredible female rockers and […]

Thursday 15 March, 2012

Eco & Fairtrade Fashion

by Olivia McLeod / Tha-One Newness Writer   My last post on eco-fashion at the Oscars really got me wanting to know more. I’ve had a good search on the internet and it seems that unfortunately the market is not booming.  There simply aren’t enough designers taking fairtrade and sustainable fashion on-board (making prices high), […]

By Sadruddin Junejo / Tha-One.Music writer   I apologise in advance for any spelling or grammatical errors, as Michael Kiwanuka’s debut album, Home Again, has made me fall half-asleep. No, it’s not down to boredom, not at all! Rather, the London soul musician’s rough yet reassuring voice is such that one can’t help but want […]