Thursday 16 February, 2012

Not So Much Of A Gramatik-al Error

By Shams Albadri / Tha-One. Icon writer   Rejuvenating hubbubs so epitomising to the heart, Gramatik’s musical arousal is two-fold: birthing sounds you knew not existed and giving those sounds shelter. Gramatik’s full throttle beats feel like bygones reuniting with a past lover whereby seeing them, the conversation is broken and on the high with […]

Wednesday 15 February, 2012

Artist Spotlight – DâM-FunK

By Sadruddin Junejo / Tha-One.Music writer “Funk is not a fact….it’s a way of life.” Such is the motto of LA-based musician Damon G. Reddick, better known under the alias DâM-FunK (don’t you dare forget the caret symbol). Warning: this man’s work is not for the faint-hearted. DâM-FunK produces, as his name suggests, stripped-down-no-holds-barred-so-crank-up-that-bass-and-get-jammin’ funk […]

Wednesday 15 February, 2012

Book Clutches!

By Olivia McLeod / Tha-One.Newness writer  Is it a book?  Is it a bag?  Yes it’s a bag.  I first spotted this curious creation when I saw Michelle Williams sporting one at the Baftas…                                                  Michelle Williams arriving at the Baftas   …however, after a little research I realised that they’ve been in circulation […]

Tuesday 14 February, 2012

5 Songs That Should Be Retro Classics

By Sadruddin Junejo / Tha-One.Music writer Before I begin, I’d like to take this opportunity to give a shout out to the legendary songstress Whitney Houston, who tragically passed away in her hotel room on the 11th of February. The music industry has certainly suffered a great loss. May she rest in peace.   And […]

Tuesday 14 February, 2012

Menswear: Rock and Roll

By Natasha Coombes / Tha-One.Newness Kurt Cobain and Mick Jagger seem to be the inspiration behind one menswear trend: Rock. Take one part grunge, one part slick and sleek, top it off with a dash of rockabilly and you have this trend nailed. Here are four key pieces to nail this trend.   1. The […]

Tuesday 14 February, 2012

Should men model women’s clothes?

By Natasha Coombes / Tha-One.Newness I do not envy any person who is a catwalk model. Their bodies are sculpted and scrutinized continuously and those bodies are frequently the subject of debate rather than the clothes which they are employed to display. Whether it is the size zero debate or tokenism regarding the occasional use […]

Tuesday 14 February, 2012

This Year’s Big Grammy Winners!

By Stacey Cass / Tha-One.Music writer     5. Paul Epworth won Producer of the year for his work with Foster The People, Cee-Lo Green and Adele   4. Taylor Swift won 2 awards: Best Country Solo Performance and Best Country Song.   3. Skrillex won 3 awards: Best Dance/Electronica Album, Best Dance Recording and Best […]

Sunday 12 February, 2012

Whitney Houston’s Top 5 Moments

By Shams Albadri / Tha-One.Icon writer   We seem to be losing them one by one: the make up of our generation, our musical legends, our Gods. Michael Jackson, Don Cornelius and now Whitney Houston; what did they have in common? Besides a tragic extraction from our hearts, they were/are all movements in themselves, recognised and […]

Saturday 11 February, 2012

Top 5 Iconic Passages From Beloved

By Shams Albadri / Tha-One. Icon writer   American writer Toni Morrison apparently “know[s] no bounds” for her “versatility and technical and emotional range” as perfectly put by Margaret Atwood, in her review of Beloved in the New York Times. Part of the trilogy that includes Jazz and Paradise, Beloved is the winner of the […]