Saturday 11 February, 2012

Will Piracy Kill the Music Industry?

By Stacey Cass / Tha-One.Music writer As long as there has been recorded music, it has been pirated. In my parents day they would sit by the radio until their favourite song came on, then hit record on their tape machine. When I was in high school I knew a girl who would burn popular […]

Friday 10 February, 2012

Victoria, by Victoria Beckham

By Olivia McLeod / Tha-One.Newness writer    Following the release of her sister line, ‘Victoria, by Victoria Beckham’, I thought I’d dedicate a post to the lady herself. When I was at primary school in the late nineties, me and my friends were absolutely Spice Girl obsessed, and would spend break times rehearsing their songs […]

Thursday 09 February, 2012

Top 5 Sexy Short hair styles out right now!

By Natasha Coombes-Liddle  / Tha-One.Newness writer Ladies we love those luscious locks; we straighten them, dye them and boost them hair extensions to get a look that Rapunzel would be jealous of. However, for 2012 its time to try something different – it’s time to go for the chop.  Here are five celebs that make […]

By Shams Albadri / Tha-One. Icon writer   Dawdling over photographs of Kirsten Dunst, I stumbled upon this: The flourishing of a fresh romance. I think those words in particular work irrefutably to perfection when describing the work of British photographer David Slijper: Flourishing and Fresh. His photographs are free of devouring, heavy backgrounds and […]

Thursday 09 February, 2012

Review: Air’s “Le Voyage dans la Lune

By Sadruddin Junejo / Tha-One.Music writer French music.   What was the first thought that popped into your head after seeing the above phrase?   Daft Punk, right?   Think some more. Any other bands come to mind? If not, your music library needs a serious revamp. The rest of you probably remembered the other […]

Wednesday 08 February, 2012

All That Glitters is Gold!

By Olivia Mcleod / Tha-One.Newness writer Make like Cara Delevigne in a sparkly gold dress.  Accessories are strictly black-only – the dress speaks volumes as it is.  Biker boots optional!                                                                                                                                                                           Here are my top 5:                                                                                                     1. Sequined dress – Motel @ Asos                                                                2.  Metallic Dress […]

Wednesday 08 February, 2012

Charlie McDonnell

  By Stacey Cass / Tha-One.Music writer               I’ve been a big fan of YouTube star Charlie McDonnell for a few years now. Aside from teaching the world to make a cup of tea, talking about science and bungee jumping, Charlie also has a fair bit of musical talent. […]

Tuesday 07 February, 2012

Sin City: Seven Deadly Thrills

By Shams Albadri / Tha-One. Icon Writer   Did Robert Rodriguez pick up Frank Miller’s comic, Sin City, and decide to make a movie out of it? Is that how it’s done? Before we divulge into the storm result that is the movie Sin City, a lot of praise is owed to Frank Miller. Graphic […]

Tuesday 07 February, 2012

5 Great Acts from Brainfeeder Records

By Sadruddin Junejo / Tha-One.Music writer             For those not in the know, Brainfeeder Records is a label started up by Steven Ellison (better known by his stage name, ‘Flying Lotus’) in 2008 that is at the forefront of electronic music and instrumental hip hop today. For this List of […]