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Wednesday 07 August, 2013

Top 10 Saddest Disney Moments

Georgina Atherton/Tha-One Feature Writer Walt Disney has provided children and adults alike with entertainment for decades and with irreplaceable films that will never be forgotten or replicated. Why is it, then, that when I think of the saddest movie moments in history, Disney films feature so frequently in the list? I can never remember sobbing […]

Saturday 08 September, 2012

Blink and You’ll Miss It

By Matthew Scott / Tha-One.Newness writer. I’d like to give a mention to an internet service which, though far from obscure, seems to be a lot less popular than it ought to be. Blinkbox is an online video streaming service which has a fantastic selection of films and TV programmes. Some are free, including plenty […]

Thursday 12 April, 2012

Tha-Icon: 90s Teen Horror Flicks

By Natasha Coombes-Liddle / Tha-One. Icon Writer I love a good horror film but I also have a weakness for cinematic cheese. The 90s combined these two genres to produce a beautiful hybrid which featured screaming teenager, masked murders and unfortunately funny death scenes. Here are some of my favourites for your delectation. 1. Scream […]