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Monday 06 April, 2015

Apple watch: Peep the Functionality!

The information on the Apple Watch feels like a London bus. You wait for a lil bit of info, then it all comes at once. The brand has now released a guided tour of how it will work. Married beautifully with the iPhone, this wearable tech has as its core the desire to make our […]

Monday 09 December, 2013

RESEARCH PROVES: People browse on their iPhones, but buy on their iPads

Modern US Consumers spent $3 billion shopping online on Black Friday and Thanksgiving, and according to the corporation Adobe; a quarter of sales were completed via tablets and smartphones. This is extremely significant for the e-commerce sector: Spending on mobiles being up 118% from the previous year, Adobe discovered, and similar data gathered from IBM […]

Thursday 30 August, 2012

iDon’t Want

By Matthew Scott/ Tha-One Newness¬†writer. Sometimes I like to court controversy here. But I’m not afraid to, when I’m really sure of how right I am. So now, I’m about to yell out something a lot of people will hate me for, without any shame at all. I hate iPods! Seriously. I love Macs, I […]