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Friday 25 November, 2016

Dede – Calling the Clock (ft. Alan Wilder): REVIEW

So we’ve been teased with Dede music for a while, but we’re glad to finally have a full release. Her first single ‘Give In To You’ made playlist spins on BBC Radio 1Xtra & BBC Radio Merseyside, and she is back with former-Depeche Mode member Alan Wilder, so our thoughts? The song is great. I […]

Wednesday 10 July, 2013

Rubbing it in: Are beauty products leaving us red faced?

Georgina Atherton/Tha-One Review Writer We all hate that daunting moment when the Barbie-like attendant on the beauty counter at Debenhams prances over and asks you what your daily skincare routine is. Out of sheer bewilderment, the standard response is probably ‘I don’t know’, met by a look of horror on her well-heeled face. Is it […]

Tuesday 18 June, 2013

Black Sabbath ’13’ review

by Natasha Stapleton/ Tha-One Music Writer Twitter – @ahsatanstapes After several months of being cooped up in my room due to the highly contagious revision fever, I’m finally back to doing what I love the most besides watching Friends and eating Mexican street food; reviewing kick-ass music. So, why not start this momentous occasion of freedom with […]

Friday 10 May, 2013

Daft Punk ft Pharrell Williams

Hannah Jelliman/ Tha-One Music Writer I’m certainly not introducing you to anyone new today, but the French Electronic group are back with a stupendously good track and I decided they were worth a quick bit of appreciation. Having been around since 1997, the duo have definitely made their mark, however they have never actually achieved […]

Monday 06 May, 2013

Tha-Gig Review: The XX

Hannah Jelliman/ Tha-One Music Writer I have been living in Spain on a gap year since September, but until this week had failed to get myself to any gigs here in Barcelona. Last Thursday, my live music celibacy was finally broken when I went to see epic British band The XX at the stunning outside […]