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Wednesday 04 October, 2017

Mighty Audio Presents the First Spotify Dedicated Audio Device!

Who says Crowdfunding is dead? Mighty Audio recently raised funding for their Spotify music player that enables you to stream music without the need of a phone, reception of the net! The need? The same issue we all of have of an inability to access its Spotify when outdoors. The device comes with 5 hours […]

Tuesday 11 September, 2012

Spot On!

By Matthew Scott / Tha-One.Newness writer.   I recently reported on Nokia launching a Spotify rival exclusive to its own Lumia range of smartphones. Now, there has been a development in Spotify’s own service. They’re planning to release a browser-based offering. Whether this replaces their desktop client or coexists, nobody seems quite sure at the […]

Saturday 08 September, 2012


By Matthew Scott / Tha-One.Newness writer. A popular internet meme claims that Nokia’s phones are indestructible. Sadly, it seems the same may not be true of the company. Since they advent of smartphones, they’ve really struggled to fit into that section of the market. And with that section fast taking over, the former giant is […]

Tuesday 07 February, 2012

5 Ways to Discover New Music!

By Stacey Cass / Tha-One.Music Writer         1. YouTube You’ve probably got a Google account already. If you’ve ever used Blogger, Google+, YouTube or Gmail you will have one. Use it to log into YouTube and it will remember music videos you’ve watched and “thumbed up” in order to give you personalised […]