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Wednesday 13 February, 2013

Tha-Exclusive: Top YouTube Live Music Channels

Hannah Jelliman/ Tha-One Music Writer Instead of introducing you to a specific artist or reviewing a song or album, today I’m going to be a bit different and introduce you to some YouTube channels. As one of the key websites for musicians, YouTube is obviously great for bands and solo artists to publicise their work, […]

Tuesday 04 December, 2012

Top 5 You Tube Sensations

Hannah Jelliman/ Tha-One Music Writer Since the formation of YouTube in 2005, millions of people have been uploading videos of a great number of varieties. Whether it’s flash mobs, comedy sketches or just their cat looking cute, YouTube has allowed for anyone to become a movie maker and express their talents (or maybe not-so-talents) to […]

Tuesday 07 February, 2012

5 Ways to Discover New Music!

By Stacey Cass / Tha-One.Music Writer         1. YouTube You’ve probably got a Google account already. If you’ve ever used Blogger, Google+, YouTube or Gmail you will have one. Use it to log into YouTube and it will remember music videos you’ve watched and “thumbed up” in order to give you personalised […]